ExamDiff Software: Comparing 2 Text Files in Batch

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ExamDiff Software: Comparing 2 Text Files in Batch

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I use ExamDiff free software (non-Pro version). It is GREAT at comparing two SAS LST files!!!!

I have been told that one can run ExamDiff in batch mode and compare corresponding files in 2 different directories. For instance I would like to compare LST file A in Directory #1 with LST file A in Directory #2, LST file B in Directory #1 with LST file B in Directory #2 and so on and so on.... Do any of you know how to accomplish this? Another programmer said I can used a PIPE command but I don't know what they are talking about. LOL
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Well, the only way that I see to do this is to create a batch file that would spawn ED for different pairs of your files, one-by-one. The batch file would look something like this:

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examdiff c:\1\a.lst c\2\a.lst
examdiff c:\1\b.lst c\2\b.lst
I suppose you could even generate such file one the fly by reading the contents of both directories but I've never tried this. EDPro, on the other hand, can compare directories directly, and allows to view changes in each pair of files.
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