Strange DivX install codec window

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Strange DivX install codec window

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I was looking for a windows diff "tkdiff" like program and found ExamDiff.
I downloaded, installed and ran, and it looks like it may be useful.
Later in my session I noted a window (with no close function) which was asking me to install some kind of video codec (DivX). Now I have no idea where this came from, but ExamDiff is the only software I have installed today (or for quite a few days for that matter).
I was worried that this was some kind of Trojan, so I brought up Task Manager and killed the process.
As far I am aware I downloaded the ExamDiff software from a link on your website.

Avast doesn't see anything wrong with the installer, but I'm puzzled as to where this DivX install window came from.
I am just flagging this up, as you might want to check your download files.


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Re: Strange DivX install codec window

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ExamDiff does not install any product other than itself. I wonder if you used a 3rd party installer that wrapped ExamDiff setup and added some other software. The best place to download ExamDiff is from, using Prestsoft-marked files.
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