Examdiff doesn't work anymore !!

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Examdiff doesn't work anymore !!

Post by eomaclaudine »

I tried the freeware Examdiff a few weeks ago and was very happy with the result.
Unfortunately, due to some malware, I had to go to a previous state of my computer and Examdiff was erased.

Now I installed it back, first the 9 version, later I also tried the 8 version and even the 7.

None is working anymore !!

When I ask them to compare two documents (in Word 2007), like I did successful previously, I become the quote :
Binary files “address of my first file” and “ address of my second file” are different. Press Cancel to quit.

Under this box is another box with the quote “Comparing files…” and a rotating hourglass which is still rotating 10 minutes later, just for comparing two files of half a page !!
When I click on OK, I get two blank pages, where two weeks ago I got neatly all differences and could edit either one or the other text ! :mrgreen:
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Re: Examdiff doesn't work anymore !!

Post by psguru »

Since you are comparing Word files, you must've used ExamDiff Pro, not ExamDiff. The latter has never been able to compare Word documents while the former can do using comparison plug-ins.
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