Check In All Very Slow

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Check In All Very Slow

Post by amin »

I would like to check in all files that I have checked out in various folders in one sweep. When I right click on the root folder and choose Check In and then check the recursive checkbox, it takes forever for ftpvc to accomplish the task.

I have over 600 files on my remote ftp location, of which 200 are under ftpvc and only 20 are checked out. It appears that when recursive check in is initiated, ftpvc enumerates all 600 files to build a file list which would take forever. Why shouldn't the identification of 20 checked out files be faster than this?

Help menu says I am on version 2.5 build
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Re: Check In All Very Slow

Post by psguru »

It's an expensive operation, especially considering that it's done over an FTP connection. FtpVC needs to enumerate all files in order to find out which ones are checked out (stub files are opened for each remote file). Since you are using recursive check-in, all directories have to visited.

A better approach would be to use the Find Checkouts command (recursively), then check in your 20 checked-out files.
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