Downgrade error

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Downgrade error

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I researched some problem in EDP, and for this I decided to try earlier EDP version.
I had EDP v13, and then downloaded and launched "edpro120_64bit_setup.exe".
Installation properly asked me to confirm that I want to downgrade, and after my confirmation it completed successfully.
However, after EDP launch, I found that it was still v13 instead of v12.
Windows 10 Pro Settings Apps showed both of them installed.

Only when I uninstalled v13, I could install v12 properly. Meaning - after installation of v12 I got indeed v12.

Same problem happened when I tried to downgrade from v12 to v11 - installation completed successfully, but the "ExamDiff.exe" was not replaced.

Could you please check/fix?
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Re: Downgrade error

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Downgrades are never reliable, our recommendation is uninstall the current version before attempting to install a lower one.
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