The bottom line

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The bottom line

Post by MSpagni »

Comparing a couple of text files whose unique difference is a CR-LF at the end of the last line I get "identical".
What matters is "ignore linebreak styles". If it's unchecked then the difference appears.

Honestly, I'm not sure I can really call it a bug.
But if you say "Ignore linebreak styles: CRLF (DOS/Windows) vs. LF (Unix) vs. CR (Mac)" I expect EDP ignores if it's a CR, LF or CR-LF, not if in a file is present and in the other it's missing. :P

(Call me picky! :lol:)
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Re: The bottom line

Post by psguru »

There's a warning about the missing newline at the end of file under Options | Misc | Messages.
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