Freeware EULA

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Freeware EULA

Post by NMUAlum »

I'm interested in using ExamDiff Freeware at work, as I used it about 4 years ago and found it very handy.
However, my employer has locked down the system, and I have to request 'Non-Standard Software' to be installed.

Here is the section from the request page:

Freeware or Shareware programs may not be authorized to be installed on our corporate systems. Many of these types of applications have corporate agreements that require a fee to provide this service when utilized by a corporation. This caveat is typically buried in the agreement that you accept during installation. The company views the possible negative publicity of fines and penalty for installing non-licensed software a greater risk than the possible savings gained by installing these applications.

I'd like to view the license agreement, but it is not available online; only as a readme.txt file during installation (which I can't to until I get it approved), or in the help (which I can't access since it isn't installed).

I saw another post that said they were able to install ExamDiff Freeware without administrative permissions, so I thought maybe I could just download it and install it without IT being any the wiser. No luck... on our system it requires 'elevated permissions'.

Can you actually post the readme.txt file so I can show it to IT?

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Re: Freeware EULA

Post by psguru »

You can install it on any other computer (e.g. your home PC) and get the Readme.txt file to show to your employer.
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