ExamDiff Pro + .NET-Framework 3.5

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ExamDiff Pro + .NET-Framework 3.5

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on Friday I first noticed, that whenever I compare something, Windows opens a popup
An app on this PC needs the following feature
.NET Framework 3.5 (includes 2..NET 0 and 3.0)
[Install ] [Ignore]
(roughly translated and shortened, the buttons contain much more text)

Examdiff Pro goes on with it's work so it seems NOT to need it.
And Windows does not say which app needs the .NET 3.5.

Thus it took me a while to connect the two things (comparing in Examdiff Pro and the popping-up of that window).

What's going on? Why does ExamDiff Pro need .NET 3.5 if it can go on without it?


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Re: ExamDiff Pro + .NET-Framework 3.5

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ExamDiff Pro does not itself use .Net but some plug-ins do. See viewtopic.php?p=4591#p4591 for more details.

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