Using ExamDiff Pro with Git/GitHub

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Peter Kuzmak
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Using ExamDiff Pro with Git/GitHub

Post by Peter Kuzmak »

Hi Everyone,

I have been a user of ExamDiff Pro for a decade and a half. Recently my organization has switched to Git/GitHub for source code control. I am a complete novice to Git/GitHub. However, I would very much like to use ExamDiff Pro with it, as an alternative to DIFF. There is some documentation on the ExamDiff Pro web site as to how to do this, but I need a bit more help to figure out how to make it work. Could any of you provide some detailed documentation and maybe answer some questions?


Peter Kuzmak

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Re: Using ExamDiff Pro with Git/GitHub

Post by MudGuard »

in my .gitconfig, I have this:

Code: Select all

        tool = examdiff
[diff "tool"]
        prompt = false
[diff "tool.examdiff"]
        trustExitCode = true
        cmd = '/C/Program Files/ExamDiff Pro/ExamDiff.exe'
        prompt = false
(among other settings)

git diff opens ExamDiff Pro to show the diff.

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