Environment variable expansion

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David B. Trout
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Environment variable expansion

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On Windows you can use environment variables on the command line, in links (shortcuts), in the registry, etc, but unfortunately not in ExamDiff Pro.

For example, in the "Tools" branch of the "Options" dialog you can enter the path to your preferred "External text editor" and/or to your "External binary editor". Unfortunately however, you need to always use a full/absolute path such as:

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I would much prefer if I could instead use something like:

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where "windir" is the name of the environment variable to be automatically expanded via the ExpandEnvironmentStrings function.

I personally have my own set of environment variables defined that point to various private (custom) tools directories, and would like to use those environment variable values in the path to my preferred "External text editor". This allows me the freedom to seamlessly move my tools directory to wherever I want whenever I want by simply updating the associated environment variable that points there (which all of my own custom tools are already designed to use).

But if I do that then ExamDiff Pro doesn't work because it's pointing to the wrong place!

Is there any chance of adding this minor feature to EDP?

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

EDP totally ROCKS!
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Re: Environment variable expansion

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Sounds like a good idea; we can certainly explore this for the next version.

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