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ExamDiff Pro 3.4 Released

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2006 6:58 pm
by psguru
Here's what's new in 3.4:
- Option to ignore programming language comments
- Option to ignore multiple column ranges in lines
- Compare directories produced by file plug-ins (see for possible uses)
- Inline plug-ins (specified by name before file/directory names in Compare dialog)
- Option to back up files replaced during Copy operations
- "Identical items" color and effects are customizable
- Ability to reset options to defaults for current page only
- Improved performance and reduced memory footprint
- True-color toolbar with small and large buttons
- Fix for default HTML template paths
- Fix for Ignore Linebreak Styles option when not used on files with no ending linebreaks
- Fix for Save As used on clipboard contents
- Fix: older files are always visible even though a view filter is set up not to show them
- Fix for erroneous messages during drag-n-drop operations on read-only and plugin-processed files
- Fix: failed to recover from error when files were compared from directory comparison
- Fix: Ignore the Ignores command did not ignore "Ignore linebreak styles" option
- Fix: wheel mouse occasionally scrolled up a page instead of several lines